Project Experience


Veterans Engineering has been integrated into the team that supports the DCAT4 contract, the team is responsible for consolidating and managing the VA's five Corporate Data Center Operations (CDCO), which include more than 2,000 servers and 200 IT applications. Enterprise Operations data centers provide federal agencies with a complete suite of secure IT data center services for applications ranging from routine to mission critical support.

These IT services include Service Planning / Architecture, Security Services, Hosting / Monitoring, Business Continuity / Recovery, Application Management, Managed Hosting Services, and the complete suite of IT labor specialists for management of federal systems.

Through the DCAT4 program, Veterans Engineering will support the team, which will help the CDCO attract and retain customers by:

  • Maximizing cost recovery and establishing data center capacity through the consolidation of information from multiple data centers into one architecture;
  • Positioning CDCO as a leader in cloud computing for the VA and other government agencies;
  • Serving as an adviser for the VA, providing counsel on operation and maintenance of new technology and service centers;
  • Implementing green initiatives in the data centers that help the VA minimize its carbon footprint

Enterprise Voice System

Veterans Engineering currently supports the Enterprise Voice System Phase I Sustainment contract awarded to Systems Made Simple, a Lockheed Martin Company. This contract has the ability to equip the VA with a modern communications infrastructure that provides the full suite of voice services required to support VA facilities. Currently, VA provides phone services via a fleet of highly distributed, non-standard, legacy systems.

Benefits of the modernization effort include: eliminating duplication, driving down unit costs, and ensuring that the platforms and processes used to operate and maintain VA's phones are consistent across the organization.

The Veterans Engineering team consists of on-site NOC support engineers ranging from levels Tier 1 to Tier III at the VA's support facility located in Falling Waters WV as well as a on-site Remote Support Systems engineers located in the Nashville TN and Charleston SC supporting multiple facilities.

The Tier I team opens triages, diagnoses and resolves simple problems identified by the VA help-desk. The Tier II team assesses, remediates, inspects, debugs, corrects configurations, implements changes and replaces hardware if need be.

The Tier III team does all of the above along with managing resolution with the manufacturer, architectural and development teams as well as planning changes and assessing test patches and vulnerability fixes. The Remote Systems Engineering Team provides local, hands on, on facility support in coordination with the help-desk and EVS NOC.

VA Perry Point

LockHeed selects Veterans Engineering as Small Business and Cloud Services Supplier

In keeping up with new technologies, Veterans Engineering has developed cloud-based data bases, data modeling tools, dynamic reporting tools and customized cloud-based user interfaces. These provide a suite of applications that aid in project management, configuration management, customer relationship management, data archiving, and reporting.

In the last 18 months, Veterans Engineering has created over 40 custom and semi-custom cloud-based applications for customers.

Two of these application suites have been for Lockheed Martin. One was to help in revamping how Lockheed's Small Business Management services interacts with small businesses. Veterans Engineering created a Cloud based management tool set that allows small businesses to register, update and track their relationship with Lockheed Martin. It also allows Lockheed management to search, track and utilize small business systems integrators more efficiently and proactively.

The second application suite built by Veterans Engineering provides Lockheed Martin with a supplier management tool set that allows suppliers to register with Lockheed and offer products and services to Lockheed divisions. These suppliers can offer anything from toilet paper to satellites to Lockheed divisions. In total these tool suites help Lockheed maintain strong relationships with over 15,000 partner businesses.

Veterans Engineering Creates Building Automation System for TRANE Customers

Veterans Engineering has leveraged its capabilities in A&E and IT to create a specialty service around Building Automation Systems.

TRANE, the world leader in commercial heating and air conditioning has made a commitment to building automation for its customers, allowing them to control almost any TRANE unit, of any age.

With Veterans Engineering's assistance TRANE will be able to utilize a variety of controller boxes and data formats to both send and receive data from both legacy and modern TRANE systems to servers. This data is then monitored, analyzed and stored in a variety of TRANE supplied, customer supplied or third party built applications to allow for measurement and control of building environments. Such a capability will allow TRANE and its customers to save millions of dollar in energy costs per year.

A & E Healthcare Planning MEP Services, VA VISN 5, Perry Point, Loch Raven, and Baltimore MD

Tasks under this contract included:

  • Identify Program Requirements for SPD, VAMC Washington, DC
  • Perform Emergency Power Study, VAMCs Baltimore, Loch Raven and Perry Point
  • Perform MEP Systems Study to Convert Building 24 to Mental Health, VAMC Baltimore, MD
  • Building 360 Renovation, VAMC Perry Point, MD

Loch Raven Community Living Center selects Veterans Engineering wins prime VA contract for A & E services to expand canteen; upgrade BAS; and improve site/building utilities

Veterans Engineering is currently providing A/E design services to expand the canteen, upgrade Building Automation System (BAS), and improve site/building utilities at the VA Community Living Center located at 3900 Loch Raven Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland.

The existing VA Community Living & Rehabilitation Center, VA Community Based Outpatient, Research and Robotics Center and the Prostatic clinics provide wide variety of healthcare and rehabilitation /post-acute care for patients in the VA Maryland Health Care System.

The 15-acre campus coordinates the delivery of rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, kinesiotherapy and recreation therapy, to achieve the highest level of recovery and independence for Maryland's Veterans.

In addition to General healthcare The Campus also provides hospice and nursing home care to Veterans requiring non-acute inpatient care, in addition to offering specialized treatment for patients with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. The campus offers a cheerful and home-like setting for Veterans, with spacious living quarters, private bathrooms, beautiful patios and gardens, and warmly decorated dining areas and group lounges. Sunlight pours in from skylights and large windows throughout the facility, helping to brighten public areas and living quarters for the residents.

A "Wander Garden" provides an attractive, accessible outdoor environment where residents can walk freely without the fear of getting lost. The center is also equipped with an electronic, passive-restraint system that protects residents from wandering from the facility.

The 15-acre campus is currently under modernization and updated. Along with some new high-tech building, it contains some older buildings, and infrastructure that are outdated in need of renovations in order to meet the growth, codes, patient safety, security and ADA compliance.

For this project, VE/NIKA is surveying/studying the existing multi-discipline conditions in order to provide expansion and compliance with the regulations/codes, safety, security within the proposed design for future improvements/renovations. This will lead to several construction projects in different disciplines, for which the following considerations are to be made:

  • Precautions to be taken during construction within an active medical facility
  • Avoidance of interruption of existing utilities and building systems during normal business hours
  • All VA and other applicable Safety Codes and Regulations throughout the duration of the project
  • Traffic flow concerns during construction

Scope of Work:

VE/NIKA is providing the following services under the scope of services for this contract:


  1. Improve and upgrade the Community Base outpatient Clinic (CBOC) Entrance and the center Curb.
  2. Replacement to campus wide asphalt pavement.
  3. Replacement to campus wide concrete curbs and gutters.
  4. Replacement to campus wide sidewalks.
  5. Installation of new ADA compliance sidewalks/ramps.
  6. New striping for parking spaces/lots.
  7. Installation of directional arrows for the Parking lots.
  8. Installation new speed humps/Traffic Control.
  9. Installation of a new exterior stairs with cover.
  10. Installation of new parking space at the East side of the Community Living Rehabilitating Center (CLC) building.


  1. Installation of new pedestrian canopy cover between the Robotics/Research and the Community Base Outpatient Clinic (CBOC).
  2. Installations of new bus stop Canopy Covers.
  3. Concealment of the existing Canopy Structure At new (CLC) wing.
  4. Installation of new roof cover for the existing exterior steps leading to the Robotics and Research parking lot.
  5. Installation of new retaining wall/fencing for the perimeter of the Loch Raven Campus.
  6. Installation of 4 new entry gates with security system to the Campus.
  7. Installation of new signage to buildings, roads, parking, and fences.
  8. Renovation and expansion of the canteen space to allow for a new solarium.
  9. Misc. improvements to Existing Ductwork at the CLC building.
  10. Installation of new occupancy sensors at the Research and Robotics building.
  11. Replacement/upgrade of the lighting throughout the (CLC) Main building.

Veterans Engineering awarded in Prime contract for design services for Arc Flash Phase V for Miami VA Medical Center

Requirements included: Design a complete Electrical One Line Diagram. Provide a One Line Diagram of the existing to be demolished and another for the new layout of the electrical equipment to be installed. Consider electrical equipment weights, dimensions and heat loads as part of the new electrical floor layouts and One Line Diagrams. Provide conduit and cable schedules. Provide One Line Diagrams and electrical equipment layout in Auto CAD files on CD.

Perform design calculations including Short Circuit Analysis, time current coordination and arc flash analysis of new equipment. Provide comparison tables comparing the calculated short circuit values to existing equipment ratings. Include device setting table that documents both the existing and recommended settings. Device setting shall be based on a compromise and balance between system protection, reliability, and arc flash exposure levels. All deficiencies discovered will be reported along with a proposed solution to correct the deficiencies. Evaluation of conductors and equipment protection will be as per the National Electrical Code and time current coordination curves shall be based on the recommended settings.

Device setting will be a balance between system protection, reliability and arc flash exposure levels. The Arc Flash analysis shall be performed per NFPA 70 E standards. The exposure values and arc flash protection shall be per IEEE 1584 methodology. System verification including cable length, type and sizes, over-current protection devices types and settings and transformers impedances shall be part of the design analysis. Provide PPE equipment requirements as a result of this study.

Supply Chain and Logistics Deployment Support in Support of the VA's Point of Use Systems Migration

Veterans Engineering has been selected to support the VA POU contact. The purpose of this acquisition is to supply and manage field resources to manage and install the new Point of Use (POU) systems that the VA has purchased from HP and ShipCom Wireless at all 152 VA hospitals nationally. These resources include, Blue Print/Designers, Implementation Leads, Logistics Leads, Tech Support Personnel, Installation Technicians and Rack Builders

The point-of-use system will include predictive analytic tools and business intelligence to reduce consumption while improving responsiveness and efficiency. Potential uses and benefits of this technology throughout VA hospitals are deemed to be significant, and include improvement of quality of patient care, improved patient satisfaction, reduction of health care asset management costs, improvement of capacity/resource planning, improvement of employee and patient safety, as well as improvement of general asset management and inventory.

Improvements to HVAC Systems, Outpatient Clinic at Loch Raven, VAMC Baltimore, MD

The existing clinic at Loch Raven is a single story patient care facility built approximately between 2003 and 2005 with approximately around 33, 000sf of patient care space. The existing mechanical system was not sufficiently designed in terms of size and air circulation. A preliminary inspection of the building mechanical system revealed that the system is missing variable air volume (VAV) box, the entire area is served by one air handling unit, and there is only one temperature control for the entire building.

This project required a thorough professional architecture and engineering survey and study of the as-built conditions through construction and repairs to install and replace existing ductwork, installation of VAV boxes, and necessary equipment, including air handling unit(s), and temperature controls for proper air distribution and comfortable conditions for the occupants. All proposed improvements and phasing plan comply with ISLM and ICRA measures within healthcare systems. The clinic is to remain in operation during the work.

The scope of the project included, but was not limited to: surveying the existing conditions and spatial requirements of the Outpatient Clinic; meeting regularly with the key personnel to review and discuss design features and progress; provide two schematic design submissions for VA review including phasing plans and feasibility study; provide design development documents based on VA review; provide construction bid documents, including 100% design drawings, specification and construction cost.

Estimated Construction Cost: $1.1M

Deployment and IT Engineering Support for Router Switch Migration for IPC/Thompson Reuters

Veterans Engineering was chosen to supply field engineering resources throughout the United States at 465 locations. The resources are deployed to sites on a scheduled basis to deploy new, preconfigured, Cisco Routers and Switches at each location. This installation included the rack, stack, turn up and test of each device.

IPC accounts for more than 118,000 of the world's trading turret positions defining the Company as the turret market segment leader with over 50% share. Unigy, IPC's market leading next generation unified trading communications platform, speeds collaboration between traders and the trade support teams across middle and back offices with unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and adaptability. Unigy's interoperability allows it to work with existing systems such as IQ/MAX turrets, PBX phone systems and voice recording equipment to help trading firms of every size transform their workflow, making traders significantly more productive and their operations much more profitable. Unigy is live at more than 660 customer sites globally, including installations at more than 50% of the 2013 Top 25 banks.

Department of Homeland Securitys Customs & Border Protection Division (CBP) Site Surveys

Veterans Engineering & Professional Services has been contracted to perform site survey tasks for the Department of Homeland Securitys Customs & Border Protection Division (CBP)

Veterans Engineering & Professional Services (VEPS) has been asked to perform all Layer 3 site survey tasks ahead of a projected network redesign that DHS/CBP will be undertaking.

The VEPS team has been deploying technical resources (cleared to be on site with escorts via the Department of Homeland Securitys NDA 11000-6 documentation). While on site, the field team will collect all Layer 3 data. This includes MDI/IDF data, length of cable runs, cable types deployed (CAT5, CAT6, fiber, etc.) at the location, amount of users, critical applications being run at each location, how they are being used/hosted, and the amount of users on those applications.

The team is also being tasked to collect host names to be given by on site FTO, amount of equipment, equipment names and model numbers, ports available, power supply, room temperatures, switch matrix and all other data pertaining to network closet redesigns. Finally, the team, in addition to correlating all data into both a PowerPoint Data collection format and a pointed Q &A document, has been tasked to provide a Visio Cable Plant drawing for each location.

VEPS then compiles and uploads all data into the CM tool being used by the PM staff for final network redesign.

Department of Homeland Security, Plum Island Animal Disease Control Center
Expansion, Plum Island, NY.
Scope: A/E Services

VE is the Prime Consultant for this challenging $35 million expansion project in Plum Island, NY. The project involves expansion of the existing Animal Research Building, which is a bio-containment facility, a BSL-3 laboratory as well as improvement of other infra-structure elements of the facility. Specifically, scope includes:

  • Upgrading and improvement of the electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and security systems throughout the facility including the bio-containment building.
  • Design of the expansion of the BSL-3 laboratory and animal handling facility
  • Improvement of water supply system to the facility
  • Upgrading of chiller plant and associated pipelines and controls for supplying the needed water for HVAC
  • Upgrading of existing bio-waste treatment facility.

Large Financial Institution

  • Supplied and managed on-site technicians for the ATM Refresh project. This work includes removing existing routers and switches and the installation of new routers and switches at 5,800 locations.
  • [Large financial institutions] are being transformed to the [parent] network and moving them from a frame-based network to a MPLS based network. These ATMs are connected to a frame relay circuit using fractional T1 Inter Exchange Carrier and 56k/64k Inter Exchange Carrier based circuits. 4,592 ATM's will be converted.

Veterans Administration, Nuclear Medicine Building, Lebanon, PA
Scope: A/E Services

VE is currently under contract with the VA Medical Center in Lebanon PA to design a Nuclear Medicine Building on their existing campus. The project involves a complete program review and site improvements for a new modular building that will house a new Nuclear Camera and associated support spaces. Specific project tasks include:

  • Site investigation - architectural, structural, asbestos, mechanical and electrical
  • Preliminary plan
  • Working drawings and specifications.
  • Cost estimates
  • Construction period services - review of submissions, provide recommendations regarding contractor change proposals, visit site per VA's request and add to drawings as-built conditions from contractor's record drawings.
Further challenges include blending the modular building finishes with the existing historic Building One architecture and landscaping.

Bureau of Veterans Affairs (VAPHS)

Provided technical services for the Bureau of Veterans Affairs (VAPHS) in support of VA Pitts–LAN Infrastructure Upgrade. Provided switch and UPS upgrades at three locations for VAPHS' LAN Upgrade Project. Responsibilities include:
  • Unpack new equipment for the three campuses where the devices will be installed including the APC UPSs.
  • Retrieve equipment from the loading dock or other designated storage locations and distribute to closets for installation.
  • Install and secure Catalyst 6500 10/100/1000 switches, Catalyst 3750 switches, and APC UPS units in racks or cabinets and power equipment up.
  • Connect all networking equipment with the supplied Fiber and CAT5E patch cabling and use Velcro to secure patch cables.
  • Pack legacy equipment into available boxes and store in the wire closet or close vicinity.

USACE Louisville, AE IDIQ, Brandt Memorial USARC, Curtis Bay, MD
Scope: Engineering Feasibility Study

As part of a Real Property Exchange (RPX) program the project consists of providing a complete engineering feasibility study for the expansion and/or alteration of the existing 1SGT Adam S. Brandt Memorial USARC to accommodate a 600 member U.S. Army Reserve Center (USARC), an Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS), Area Maintenance Support Activity (AMSA) and an unheated storage building. The existing 1SGT Adam S. Brandt Memorial USARC consists of four buildings: Training building (35,385 sq ft), OMS (3,900 sq ft), and Building 314 (13,399 sq ft). An existing unheated storage building next to AMSA 83 is used by the 949th Transportation Company (floating craft) and a new unheated storage building at the pier will be used by the 203rd Transportation Detachment (LSV).

Vehicle Maintenance Peer Review (URS)

VE conducted a peer review of the URS Project: ACF Vehicle Storage Building, 95% Submittal Drawings and Specifications.

USACE, Baltimore, National Geospatial-Intelligence (NGA)
Scope: Peer Review

VE, as a subcontractor to Greenhorne & O'Mara performed a study of utility redundancy requirements for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's new consolidated East Campus.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the utility requirements and redundancy for all utility services needed to ensure reliable operations and to mitigate against the risk of utility disruptions that would interfere with operations. This study will be used to make value-engineering judgments and to perform trade off analysis involving cost versus risk. This study focuses on developing model operational scenarios based on interviews with the NGA Facilities Program Manager and other NGA functional organization leaders as well as research of other industry best practices. The study relies on gross-level square-foot based parameters. The outcome of this study will form a basis of design for utility infrastructure at the new NGA east campus.

Veterans Administration Medical Center, Atlanta, GA
Scope: Electrical Power Distribution System Upgrade

VE was selected to provide the VAMC, Atlanta with AE Design services to design an Electrical Power Distribution System, including the Essential Electrical Systems, all related electrical system coordination/short circuit studies, and related Architectural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural, Fire Protection, and Signal Systems.

The intent of this project is to correct existing deficiencies and to upgrade the existing obsolete electrical equipment with new. In addition, this project will upgrade the electrical system throughout the facility to meet current code guidelines and to provide a more energy efficient distribution system.

Department of Veterans Affairs, Wilmington, DE
Scope: Site Medium Voltage Electrical Distribution Upgrade

Program Highlights

  • A/E Study and Design for Upgrading Existing Facilities
  • Review and Evaluate the Feasibility of the Requested Features Upgraded
  • Design to Meet JCAHO, NFPA, EPA, DER, and VA Publications
  • Construction Administrative Services
  • Cost Estimating and Value Engineering

NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center *
Scope: Electrical Study, Buildings 10 & 28

Provided full design services to replace five 208V and 480V, 3-phase, 4-wire loadcenters and associated electrical distribution equipment in Buildings 10 and 28 at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The work at the loadcenter consisted of the replacement of high-voltage air interrupter switches, secondary unit substations and switchgear assemblies. The design also included the development of the manual/automatic control system utilizing protective relays for the single and double-ended loadcenters to minimize power outages in the event of equipment failure. The control system transferred power within the loadcenters and the standby emergency power generators.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC *
Scope: Electrical Study

  • Evaluation of normal and emergency electrical distribution system serving Building 2.
  • Identified existing code violations, deficiencies and maintenance issues.
  • Evaluated demand load and field harmonic monitoring of normal and emergency power switchboards during peak demand periods of the year.
  • Performed continuity testing between neutral and ground at all normal and emergency power switchboards, panelboards, and motor control centers.
  • Conducted infrared scans of all normal and emergency power switchboards, panelboards, motor control centers, busways, and bustaps.
  • Performed insulation resistance tests on all normal and emergency power risers.
  • Electrical infrastructure survey to provide an up-to-date one-line diagram for normal and emergency power distribution systems.
  • Performed short circuit analysis and coordination study of normal and emergency power distribution systems.
  • Conducted coordination study of the ground fault protection system and confirm adequacy of ground fault sensor settings.
  • Provided recommendations to modify, upgrade or adjust the existing power distribution system components.

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD *
Scope: Electrical Systems Evaluation - Buildings 38/38A

  • Evaluated normal and emergency electrical distribution system serving buildings 38 and 38A.
  • Performed instantaneous load measurement at all panels and evaluation of rating of panels, feeders and circuit breakers against measured load.
  • Evaluated computer center electrical power to support present and future needs.
  • Provided recommendations to correct code violations, deficiencies and maintenance issues. Submitted budgetary construction cost estimates for all recommendations