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image of open quote markIt’s a pleasure to response to your request regarding Veterans Engineering & Profession Engineering (VE). LMI has worked with VE on an NASA proposal that has yet to be awarded and VE has staffed hard to fill positions for us. The quality of VE’s work is outstanding (excellent per your table) and their delivery is of the same caliber (excellent). I’m amazed at how quickly VE is able to find superior candidates for our hard to fill positions.

Currently, we are working together on other opportunities and moving Veterans Engineering into our DOE mentorship protégé program.

Testimonial from National Field Services Organization

image of open quote markI will make this extremely simple. (From Global World Bank) Veterans Engineering has been an incredibly valuable partner and asset to our ongoing operations. With Don Billy leading the recruitment and project management duties, the support and personnel they have provided us have always exceeded our baseline needs and have added value to our clients. Because of this relationship, we have had access to business that we otherwise would not have been able to accomplish.

Large Federal Consulting Firm

image of open quote markI will say with VE is, by far, the best firm I have worked with in many years. They simply do what they say they will! They are honest, sincere, our clients loved them, and their quality and delivery of work was truly flawless! Frankly, a wonderful firm and I think you will find my words to be true. Very best of luck!

Large Federal Integrator

image of open quote markI would like to reiterate the appreciation I have for Veterans Engineering’s hard work and dedication and look forward to our plan for 2013 and beyond. I have described below the action items we have agreed upon in our collaborative efforts to increase customer intimacy for both organizations. I see the value Veteran’s Engineering provides to its customers and because of your strong reputation and impeccable work ethics have put Veteran’s Engineering on our Small Business Development Strategic Partner Listing. With the support of the Vice Presidents of Business Development and the respective Product lines, my office will work closely with this small list of suppliers to enhance our existing footprint within the Federal Government, and engage in adjacent markets.

I look forward to our continued progress and the additional success both companies can attain through our due diligence and hard work.

World’s Largest Provider of Products, Technologies, Software, Solutions and Services

image of open quote markVeterans Engineering is most responsive and worked thru our processes. Veterans Engineering has also provided us with a candidate we have selected at EOP who is a tough customer to please. I am satisfied with the company and look forward to working with them in the future.
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One of the World’s Largest Engineering Firms

image of open quote markBefore I “shut down for the weekend”, I wanted to share one more item with you regarding my comments and recommendations on the SDVOSB firm, Veteran’s Engineering & Professional Services, --- about my good friend and professional colleague John Cummings.

In addition to John making sure their firm always “under promises and over delivers with timely and quality results” to the strong satisfaction of everyone involved, --- he is keenly and acutely aware in today’s competitive environment that Low Cost is an ever larger evaluation factor in providing “Best Value” when developing proposals. John prides himself with providing very competitive (low) rates as a sub-consultant to help a prime (like URS) be more competitive in winning new work.
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One of the World’s Largest Providers of IT Services

image of open quote markI handle small business development and have been working with John Cummings, of Veteran’s Engineering & Professional Services ( a strong, nimble, strategic partner) to identify and pursue opportunities for collaboration. Veterans Engineering is currently a sub on work with NRC, HHS and HLS . Veteran’s Engineering also has a presence at HHS, USDA, DHS, and DoD. In addition our Civil Programs senior contracting managers and program directors are confident in the agile and best practice services Veteran’s Engineering provides. Because of Veteran’s Engineering’s dedication and drive, our Small Business Development Office is able to recommend VE for the numerous small business partnering requests we receive.

I have worked with many firms over the years and find Veterans Engineering to be in the top tier and a pleasure to work with.
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