Department of Veterans Affairs

Addressing Patient Safety and Interoperability

Support the Department of Veterans Affairs move to Joint Longitudinal Viewer (JLV) and decommissioning the intranet Web application VistAWeb to increase DOD/VA interoperability and improve care coordination.

Veterans Engineering leveraged its organizational change management skills to support the decommissioning of VistAWeb and the adoption of JLV. The Veterans Engineering team was instrumental in supporting the project across test sites and facilities as it rolled out nationally, utilizing the ADKAR® (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) model of organizational change to increase the number of voluntary adopters and maximize their proficiency with the application.

Clinicians can now access real-time information for patients outside of their “home” VA Medical Center, enhancing patient safety and enabling seamless care coordination.

Increasing Interoperability and Improving Care Coordination

Organizational Change Management

Utilizing the ADKAR

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