What We Do

Synergistic Solutions – One Focus

Connecting the veteran with opportunities and solutions.

We optimize health care delivery solutions with a wide-range of options across the continuum of care to deliver the high-quality user experience patients deserve.  We provide IT and biomedical assessments for Real Time Locating Service (RTLS), Clinical Information Systems / Anesthesiology Record Keeping (CIS/ARK), Commercial Picture Archive & Communication System (PACS),  Point of Care Carts, and Patient Education and Entertainment systems.

The focus of our assessments is on evaluating the current healthcare value chain to include patient education, the processes that reduce patient readmission, utilization of clinical equipment, and the engagement of  care delivery staff. We educate all stakeholders on the best practices and technology options for clinical and educational efficiency. Our assessments consider patient quality, value, and safety combined with IT infrastructure, system integration, staff engagement and ergonomics, patient satisfaction and interaction, clinical use, and adoption of current configurations of medical devices and IT hardware to deliver the best user experience.

Our Enterprise Infrastructure transformation strategies blend with our commitment, culture, innovative perspective, and talent to realize our customer’s government IT goals. We provide clear objectives, proven practices, implementation and operational procedures, and a robust support model by combining our team’s commercial and government Enterprise Infrastructure best practice experience.

We work with our customers to document the As-Built and define the To-Be enterprise technology vision.  Collaboration with business and technical users ensures a shared understanding of gaps, common priorities and goals, and produces achievable Design Patterns, Technology Strategic Plans, and Technical Insights. By monitoring and assessing the current technology, forecasted requirements, and industry trends, a cost/benefit analysis predicts the impact of each opportunity on the strategic IT vision.  The scope extends beyond basic infrastructure components to encompass business rules, cyber security, access controls, and data sharing considerations across the enterprise and with other agencies.

We architect systems for modularity, scalability, supportability, security and reusability of components. Leveraging industry best practices to produce a well-documented design pattern and supporting dev-ops processes enables the project team to scale up or down to meet schedule and budget constraints.

Blending System Architecture with LEAN business processes results in automation of manual processes, freeing resources to focus on service delivery versus administrative overhead.

Security and access controls are critical components designed in, not bolted on. Encryption, auditing, and logging combine to protect data at rest, in transit, and in use.

Our expertise runs deep throughout our team having worked on complex multi-tiered systems delivering scalable real time and near real time transaction processing and information flow. Our expertise builds on our past performance in civil Architecture and Engineering.

Our program support encompasses Strategic Planning, Organizational Change Management, Program Management, Agile/Scrum facilitation, and flexible workforce solutions to deliver maximum value to stakeholders and system owners. 

Strategic Planning facilitation leverages our extensive experience at C level positions in Government and commercial enterprises to define priorities, allocate resources and focus energy toward reaching the organization’s prioritized set of goals. With a well-defined Strategic Plan, all levels within an organization are enabled to say no to good ideas that do not align with the strategy, while advancing initiatives that align with strategic priorities.

Organizational Change Management is essential for the implementation of change, whether that change is driven by new business processes, the rollout of new systems, or the execution of tactical and strategic initiatives. Human nature resists change; our OCM facilitation expertise overcomes this resistance through awareness, communication and a common shared vision.

Our Program Management expertise encompasses traditional PMBOK execution, Agile/Scrum championing, and hybrid models that integrate the two philosophies to meet specific organizational needs.

Our workforce solutions provide temporary technical and administrative skills on short notice for a specified duration or execution of a specific task.