State of Idaho

Delivering DMV Services to an Expanding Clientele

Design and develop a scalable, modernized Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) system for the state of Idaho, within a limited timeframe and a legislatively set budget.

Veterans Engineering architected and implemented a modernized, integrated driver licensing and vehicle registration system using just-in-time application architecture, continuous integration, software development lifecycle management, and production support.

Idaho’s modernized DMV system has been recognized by federal and state agencies and national organizations for its excellence in delivering an unprecedented level of automation in providing REAL ID driver licensing services to secure our nation, commercial driver licensing services to make our roads safer, and fraud and crime detection and elimination in vehicle title transfer processing. In addition, the Idaho DMV is now able to process transactions with a fraction of the staff required by other states.

Driving Digital Modernization

IT Lifecycle Management & Continuous Integration

Modernized DMV Systems

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